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Studies Recruiting

Participate in an online study investigating the role of friendship in Eating Disorder recovery.

Researchers at the University of Toronto are seeking your valuable insights to help understand how friendships influence Eating Disorder recovery outcomes.

Study participation entails:

  • Completing a virtual questionnaire

  • Completing a virtual interview, answering questions about your experience with friendships during your Eating Disorder recovery

You are eligible for this study if you:

  • Have partially or fully recovered from an Eating Disorder*

  • Have been previously been diagnosed with an Eating Disorder by a licensed clinician in your lifetime

  • Are 18 years old or older

  • Are able to understand and speak in English

  • Are able to access and participate in an interview session via Zoom

  • Live in the U.S. or Canada

The deadline for participation is May 31, 2024.

If you are interested in participating, please visit:

For more information, contact Marianne Rouleau-Tang:

View the flyer 

*We define recovery as scoring below 2.8 on the EDE-Q and having not binged, purged, intentionally fasted, intentionally restricted food intake and exercised excessively in the past 3 months.

Participate in a Study to Implement Canadian Practice Guidelines for Treating Children and Adolescents with Eating Disorders.

Dr. Jennifer Couturier and her research team at McMaster University are seeking eligible participants (healthcare providers, people with lived experience of an ED, and caregivers) for a research study where they will develop and evaluate an implementation strategy for the adoption of Canadian Practice Guidelines for treating Eating Disorders in children and adolescents. You would be asked to complete two surveys, before and after, reviewing some educational material on these guidelines.


Ethics approval was obtained for this project through the Hamilton Integrated Research Ethics Board (Project #16182).

For additional information, please complete our Contact Information Form by clicking here or by hovering your phone camera over the QR code in the recruitment poster linked below. Alternatively, you can contact the study research coordinator, Maria Nicula, at

View the Flyer

Participate in a study of virtual, parent-led, peer support groups for parents of children and adolescents with Eating Disorders.

Dr. Jennifer Couturier and her research team at McMaster University are now recruiting parents of children and adolescents (less than 18 years of age) with an Eating Disorder to participate in virtual support groups with other parents of children with Eating Disorders.

Groups will be led by parent peer support providers, who have experience in caring for a child with an Eating Disorder (who has recovered) and have completed our study’s parent peer support training.

Study participation includes attending bi-weekly (2 times/month) virtual support group evening sessions for 3 months (6 sessions in total) – with each session lasting 2 hrs. The virtual parent peer support groups have been started and running successfully in all three regions of Canada (i.e Central, Western and Eastern) and parents are welcome to join these groups.

For more information, email Maria Nicola:

To apply, click here.

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Participate in a study to better understand how people with anorexia nervosa experience reward.

Researchers at CAMH are leading this study to better understand anorexia nervosa (AN) with the aim of informing novel treatments.

You may be eligible if you:
– Are a female, 12-22 years old
– Have never been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa

For more information:

Call/text: 416-209-5929
Or email:

View the flyer

Learn more about the research

Participate in a study to better understand how people with anorexia nervosa develop positive associations.​

Researchers at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) are conducting a study to understand the neurobiology of reward in people with who have or have had anorexia nervosa.

You may be eligible if you:
– Are female aged 12 -22.
– Meet/met the criteria for anorexia nervosa

To participate in this study, or would like more information, please contact the team at, or call (416) 535-8501 x 32395.

View the flyer

Find out more about the study

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